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Red is the visionary who stands side by side with Howdy to create one of a kind products where he sees the value in creating ideas that are not only affordable for everyone, but that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and soul.

Favorite Food: Mexican Food 

Hobby: Martial Arts Golfing and Shooting

Ashley-Spanish Rose

Spanish Rose is the apple of ole Reds eye. Ashley was born with talent in her fingertips that can make any Howdy Piece a true work of art. With passion and heart this Howdy will push the Pardners Woodworks to the future!

Favorite Food: Italian

Hobbies: Revamping vintage finds while raising two beautiful kiddos and DECORATING!

Danny-Dan Man

Dan Man is an engineer who has a brain that is always thinking of the next Howdy Piece. With smarts and a good ole heart he builds Howdy projects with a TON of love!

Favorite Food: Chinese

Hobbies: Martial arts & raising three beautiful lil buckaroos.

Jeremy-Jackalope J


The Jackalope is a professional builder with 11 years experience in the construction industry with a degree in Construction Management.Wood working has long been a passion and hobby of Jeremy’s that he takes great pride in. Jeremy is a skilled craftsman and his knowledge/passion for woodworking is displayed through his work.


Favorite Food: BBQ

Hobbies: Hunting,Fishing Loving Every Day!


Pappy is the master mind on starting Howdy Pardners with a knack of always trying to custom build his own creations. Coming from West Texas Pappy knows the feel of what it's like growing in a small town with a farmhouse environment. If you're looking for one of a kind items hes your Howdy.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Hobby: Shooting Range & Golfing 


Woody is one of the quickest learning Howdy's.Though he be but little, his ideas are FIERCE. Woody loves completing new ideas and his precision is next to none. Looking forward to what ideas this Howdy will bring.

Favorite Food: Pizza Rolls

Hobby: Disk Golfing & Late Saturday Nights 

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